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"WV INDUSTRIAL KIT" is an explosion of industrial and innovative sounds. With a total of 140 high-quality samples, this kit provides a comprehensive range of essentials to create distinctive and cutting-edge industrial rhythms.

It consists of:

  • 808 (Dystopian Bass): 15 samples of 808 ranging from distorted and resonant tones to subsonic bass.
  • Anomalous Bass: 10 bass samples combining distorted tones and unique modulations, adding an experimental and dark touch to your mix.
  • Metallic Claps: 20 clap samples with a metallic and industrial timbre, ideal for creating sharp and percussive rhythms that break traditional patterns.
  • Mechanical Hi-Hats: 20 hi-hat samples offering sharp openings, decisive closures, and intricate patterns, creating a mechanical and futuristic atmosphere.
  • Powerful Kicks: 20 kick samples with penetrating attacks and hypnotic bass, perfect for giving the right push and impact to your industrial beat.
  • Disturbing Open-Hats: 10 open-hat samples adding a disturbing and distorted element to your transitions, creating a sense of tension and excitement. Industrial
  • Percussions: 20 percussion samples including metallic, industrial, and percussive sounds, contributing to creating a unique and enveloping sonic background.
  • Dry Rim Shots: 10 rim shot samples with a dry and incisive sound, perfect for emphasizing rhythmic accents and maintaining precision in your beat.
  • Industrial Snares: 15 snare samples ranging from harsh and distorted sounds to broader and more spatial snares, providing a wide range of options to define your backbeat.

With WV INDUSTRIAL KIT, you'll have the essential tools to create trap productions that defy conventions, incorporating industrial and experimental elements for a unique and unforgettable sound.

Produced by Usa Beats and Strain Beats on behalf of WESTVIEW.
Mixed by JKC UFO.