The first time I opened FLStudio was in 2018 by pure chance, until 2020 I had no idea about
what I wanted to be or what I would do in my future. Producing at that time was only a
hobby and I didn't image what I could do with my ideas, my sounds and samples.
This all changed when I met other Producers with different thoughts: they really believed
in what they were doing and they were already willing to live only on music. In that
moment I realised for the first time that it was possible and I started wanting it too.
EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED since that moment.

Today I really like what I do because I feel free and the enviroment is really cool,
I meet every day people like me who lovewhat they do, who are truly passionate
and who motivate me to always do better. I also like competition because it
pushes me to improve more and more.

A lot of time I thought I couldn't do it, I think it's normal, butI never gave up and I
always tried to be constant and to work well. This is also my advice for those who
want to work as a Producer.



My first Gold FIMI Certification was with "LAPROVINCE #2" by Rhove
It was really special for me because I understand that I was doing a good job and therefore I could spend my life doing this.

The best sample I've made so far I think is "CUP" by
Shiva. I like how well the sounds, the guitar and the vocals blend together and how I rechopped it to make it sound more agressive.
The final result was satisfying because I was able to highlight the melody as I wanted.


westview is a really cool reality specially in Italy because it isthe first one that gives
centrality to the Producers. I'm really happy to take part of this community because
we are a good team that gets along well, we have different approaches to music but
each of us tries tolearn and improve from the others and this is our strongest
point and greatest strength.